Richard Gain


"Harnessing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship"

"Harnessing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship"

Velocity Corporation Limited

Products & Services

Cyber School Global

The best alternative to outdated mainstream schooling, designed for the “new world” after 2020 and beyond!

Virtual Team Wiz

Designed for colleges, corporates, training companies, those with teams and government departments.

Login Marketers

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that will manage your company’s efforts on social media through our team of experienced professionals.

Maxi Brite Detergent

The Miracle Laundry Detergent that is so powerful it only needs 10ml of liquid to clean a standard 5kg wash load!

BiteFree Repellent

An insect repellent that relies upon chemistry and science, not toxic chemicals or “hope for the best” herbal alternatives.

Virus Knockout Sanitizer

Virus Knockout is a miracle product that is the most effective pathogen eliminator available anywhere in the world today!

QuickFix Maintenance

We offer home repairs, maintenance and expertly done small scale building projects.

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