The Product that can change the WORLD!

Designed to Disinfect and Sanitize

Virus Knockout is a miracle product that is the most effective pathogen eliminator available anywhere in the world today! By pathogen we mean bacteria, fungus or a virus. We are not aware of any other similar product available anywhere that can claim to kill off a virus, whilst being non toxic, cost effective and so freely available for use by the general public.

The product is a white, non toxic, non chlorine based, odourless powder that is mixed with ordinary tap water into a solution that can be sprayed into the air or onto any surface that may contain a pathogen. The product is designed to eliminate the pathogen within minutes after contact.

Virus Knockout is a miracle oxidizer based on innovative, leading edge, breakthrough, revolutionary chemical science.

The process of killing bacteria and other microorganisms is known as sterilization. In other words, sterilization refers to any process that eliminates, removes, kills or deactivates all forms of biological agents like fungi, bacteria and viruses. Sterilization involves many physical and chemical changes in a cell, which finally leads to the removal or destruction of that cell.

Virus Knockout attacks by disrupting the cell processes causing the separation of cell proteins from the cell, inactivating enzymes in the cell and leaking amino acids from the cell. It attacks the bacterial cell walls by altering their physical, chemical and biochemical structure and so terminates the cells’ vital functions, killing the microorganisms through a sequence of events during disinfection.

Virus Knockout can be used effectively in virtually any indoor environment including –

✅ Touching an elevator button. 
✅ Using an ATM or card machine.
✅ Requesting a parking ticket.
✅ Cleaning your cell phone.
✅ Touching door handles.
✅ Visiting a public bathroom.
✅ Hospitals
✅ Schools

✅ At home
✅ In the workplace. 
✅ Trains, Ships & Buses 
✅ Bars & clubs
✅ Airports & Stations 
✅ Conference venues
✅ Restaurants
✅ Gyms & spas